Happiness is in the pursuit

Christian Perez | 08.07.2017

“Is anyone truly happy?” I read this on social media recently and it got me thinking. I quickly replied “Yes!” to the post and the person then asked “why?” This follow up question put me in even deeper thought. As I began to explore why I was happy, I also thought of why at times I was unhappy and found a common thread. What I have found is that happiness is not an final state.

Throughout life we pursuit happiness, in that pursuit we find highs as well as lows, and the only time we’re truly unhappy is when we give up and stop pursuing it.

Whether pursuing happiness through love, wealth, knowledge, friends, or a combination of all, it’s a constant journey. You don’t enter a state of happiness and stay in it. Rather you go in and out as situations in life occur. We’ve all heard the term, “there is no joy without pain.” This is true for everything in life. The good times with your partner are amplified by the struggles lived together. The successful projects feel so good because of all the failed ones that came before. Learning, traveling, spending time with loved ones, none of these things are ever done. You have to continue to pursuit them. You don’t just do something once and now you receive eternal happiness. It’s an ongoing process.

The times I’ve found myself truly unhappy have been when I’ve allowed low points to outweigh the high points. In these dark times I’ve allowed situations to kill my drive and put me into a slump. Depression will mask everything with a negative tone. However, just like happiness isn’t a final state, unhappiness isn’t either. By simply getting up and trying, your mood will begin to shift. The more you try, the more you increase your chance at happiness.

“Is anyone truly happy?” Yes. These people are the ones who give life everything they have, don’t stop trying, and continue to pursuit happiness.

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