Inktober 2017 | Week 1

Christian Perez | 10.13.2017

Day 01 | Swift | Inktober
As a part of taking drawing more seriously, I’m going to participate in this years #Inktober. 31 days 31 drawings. Today’s topic is Swift. I remember walking swiftly through the crowds of people in downtown NYC to get to work, with my Marshall headphones blasting the Life of Pablo.

Day 02 | Divided | Inktober
This is a sketch of some ideas I’m throwing around for a comic. I love playing off of city and farm life.

Day 03 | Poison | Inktober
The topic of the day was poison, and although I have nothing against the drink, my mother in law yelled at me once for drinking it. She said it may lead to male impotency. I don’t know if that’s true, but it was enough for me to never drink it again!!! 

Day 04 | Under Water | Inktober
This is a character I’m working on for a story, I dumped him in the ocean for todays topic.

Day 05 | Long | Inktober
For today’s topic, long, the first thing I thought of was a tall basketball character. Lol.

Day 06 | Sword | Inktober
My little character practicing his sword skills.

Day 07 | Shy | Inktober
As a kid I was shy and kept my face behind my gameboy, now I’m a shy adult with my face behind my phone.

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