Hello, I’m Christian Perez.
Art Director. Entrepreneur. Traveler.

I would be no where in my career if it wasn’t for the brave individuals who’ve shared their experiences with me. My goal with this blog is to pass that along. Here I share stories of business, culture, and technology all based off of my personal experiences.

My Story

In 2008 I made the decision to pursue a career in design. Around the same time the USA was in a recession. Everyone was either loosing their jobs or scared they’d loose them. Job security meant nothing. As a result, people began creating their own businesses. Just starting up they couldn’t afford the big agency prices so they came to me for design solutions. Since then, I’ve been privileged to work with over 250 startups and even a few big brands such as Disney, Twitter, & NBC. My work has been featured on Forbes, The Next Web, Product Hunt, and Gizmodo. I’ve had an incredible run so far, view portfolio. Now my only goal now is to help others in the same way people helped me.

My Blog

This blog is simply an extension of everything I’ve done throughout the years. Expect to find a good variety of content; from launching apps, to traveling the world, to sharing business advice. Here are my most popular articles:

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