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Stories told by Christian Perez, Art Director


  • thailand-animal-thumb

    Thailand Animals

    This is our last post before we launch our full Thailand ebook. We’re going to end it with one of the best part of our trip. The animals. Thailand is…

  • thailand-fight

    Thailand Muay Thai

    Muay Thai is hands down the best experience ever! Jaky isn’t really into boxing but she found great entertainment in Muay Thai. It’s not two men punching each other until…

  • thailand-food-thumb

    Thailand Food

    Jacquelin and I have traveled to over 15 countries but the overall food palettes of these places haven’t been too different. Thai food was a complete culture shock for us….

  • thailand-transportation-thumb

    Thailand Transportation

    Let’s continue your Thailand journey. Last week we had a subscriber write us an email asking for Tuk Tuk video footage. Not only do we have that footage, but we…

  • thailand-mustdo-3

    Thailand MUST-DO

    We’re getting very close to the launch of our Thailand eBook on November 1st! This week we wanted to focus on a major Thailand attraction, the markets. Thailand is particularly…

  • ny-yankees-thumb

    First Yankees experience… Epic

    Last night was the first time I went to Yankees Stadium, and it was epic. I’ve lived here in New York City for 3 years now and have not once…

  • thailand-thumb

    Visiting Thailand

    The thing about Thailand is, when you get here, you’ll feel like you’ve been here before. You immediately connect with the people. At no point do you feel awkward for…

  • raw-nyc-web-thumb-3

    Raw Artists #besomebody

    Last night I attended a really cool art showcase put on by Raw Artists New York City. The event was at the Melrose Ballroom in Astoria Queens and over 30…

  • hellomrperez-jaky-cindy

    Collaborating with Jacquelin & Cindy

    Last weekend I art directed a promo video for Jacquelin&Co and GorgeousByCindy, two brands I’m helping launch through my new company BrandedHumans. The first brand is a lifestyle blogger and…

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